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Environmental Management Policy Statement

Grange Europe Ltd accepts its responsibilities in environmental matters and recognises that good environmental management should be part of all our activities.

We aim to manage our environmental performance as follows:

Meet or exceed all environmental and other legislation that relates to the Company.

Minimise waste, including materials, energy and water.

Source and promote the use of materials that have the minimum

Environmental impact and use recycled materials wherever practical.

Actively promote recycling both internally and to our customers.

Involve and educate our employees in our environmental

Commitment and actions

Communicate this policy both internally and externally via our website.

Honouring this policy will enable us to make meaningful contributions to the quality of the environment.

This policy will be reviewed periodically and we will commit to continual improvement through implementation of our environmental action plan.

A massive benefit in using our Wet Wipes Dispensers is that not only are the wipes provided as environmental friendly as feasibly possible, but given you are simply using refill pouches / bags to replace empty stock you are NOT disposing of empty tubs or empty buckets into landfill.

We are a Hygiene Company and therefore the cleanliness and wellbeing of not just people but the world around us is of utmost importance, We give you the option to make the choice as to which wipe and material used best meets your requirements

Choose from from our range of different materials

Recyclable: strong and cost effective
Biodegradable: naturally Biodegrades with time
Flushable: yes at last this really is Biodegradable and flushable – see the video

Whereas we are able to offer a large range of different materials to suit the most demanding of requirements, here you will find some examples of the different types of material we are able to offer.

Recyclable: Megatex

By far our most popular, Non woven Megatex cost effective , Non-woven Polyamide textured thermo bounded surface. Ideal for rough surfaces or cleaning heavy soils. Method of construction.
Layers of spunbond and meltblown Polypropylene fibres are bonded together in a high heat process before a hydrophilic coating is applied. This material is 100% synthetic.


High Strength in both directions – across and along the wipe

Very Low linting – low risk of leaving contaminating fibres on surfaces

Excellent solution retention – ensuring even wetness throughout the wipe

Efficient Solution release – active wipe ingredients are transferred to the surface

Biodegradable: – 100% viscose Spunlace

Method of construction – Fibres are mechanically entangled through the application of high pressure water jets.

  • Thick, soft and strong for a high quality, high performance wiping experience
  • Apertured texture – making the material highly absorbent
  • High liquid capacity – suitable for wiping larger surfaces
  • Drapable feel – making the wipe feel more like a reusable cloth

Flushable & Bio-degradable – HYDRASPUN®

Flushable without a doubt

Air Laid Method of construction

Short staple fibres are fed into a turbulent airstream and distributed over a conveyor to form a randomly orientated low density web, which is then carded and thermally dried to produce a high loft and soft substrate.


Thick and soft – ideal for body cleansing even on sensitive skin

Highly absorbent, releasing liquid to the skin whilst lifting & removing dirt

Fully maceratable for safe convenient disposal in most macerators and fully flushable


Unfortunately as with a lot of things in the press, you only hear about the sensationalised parts which make up a good story!

Firstly we stress, that under NO circumstances should Wet Wipes be flushed down a toilet, this is the issue that makes the headlines and these are usually found to be Baby Wipes.

The Issue I find more interesting and far more concerning, yet nobody appears to be asking is: How is it that wipes appear to be bypassing the sewage treatment plant and ending up directly in our rivers and seas ? Does this also mean that in the 21st Century raw sewage is still being pumped directly into the rivers and seas ??

We offer a wipe that kills 99.9999% of all known germs, our wipes are primarily for the well-being of users and to avoid the possibility of harmful germs being unintentionally passed on.

Furthermore, our dispenser is a refill item, that stops the use of unnecessary packaging and uses a minimal packing refill, negating the disposal of plastic buckets and tubs, as per conventional wipe vessels.

The wipes themselves, are made from recycled material and are recyclable, they can even contribute to a company’s carbon neutral target.

You will also be pleased to know, that we are currently developing a completely Biodegradable wipe, made from natural fibres, that will compost in land fill – we hope to be able to offer this as an alternative to our customers in the near future.

As a matter of interest:

To make 10M2 of union 18gsm Megatex (Recyclable material) it takes 1Kw of power
To make 10M2 of biodegradable paper it takes 12Kw of power and over 40 gallons of water

So as you can see its not as straight forward as the press may have you believe, what’s good on one hand may not be so beneficial on the other, all things considered, I like to think we offer products for which serious thought and consideration has gone into, offering many beneficial factors and great value for money.

I hope this helps to ease some of your concerns, but rest assured we are always working on ways to make our products even more environmentally friendly and as a company whom are at the forefront of helping to improve compliance to good hygiene practice throughout all industries, we are also at the forefront of pursuing helping to drive for completely plastic free single use products, which I hope to be in a position to offer you the option on with the very near future.

Sainsbury when asked why they use plastic bags instead of paper stated:

We have investigated replacing these plastic bags with paper bags in the past but the same sized bags in paper take up 6 times more room. So at the moment we can get 9000 bags in our dispenser with a paper bag we can only get 250 paper bags. This has the same increase for transport efficiencies and would take up 36 times more space as well as replenishment and storage in depot and store. There also isn’t an advantage in terms of carbon factor either as paper has a carbon factor of 1.3 but LDPE has a carbon factor of 2.6.

Hopefully by now you will appreciate, the news doesn’t always give the facts or indeed the full picture.

If I can assist further please do not hesitate to contact us here at Grange Europe Ltd – T/A The Hygiene Company.

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